The Sainato Buck from Rockland County

Twenty year old Danny Sainato started bowhunting five years ago and has learned a lot by spending countless hours in the woods. In the first 28 days of the 2012 season, Sainato spent 75 hours in the field.

On October 28th, Sainato was hunting in Rockland County when he saw a buck out about 100 yards away. Sainato grabbed his grunt tube and tried to all the buck in and it worked! The buck closed the distance and Sainato was able to arrow him at 20 yards. The buck went down within 100 yards and, with nine points, unofficially scores 120 7/8 inches.

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European Mounts by Skull Cleaning NY ADVERTISEMENT
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Now that's a cool skull mount! Never saw one engraved before. ...

Amazing the talent from good people in the U.S.A. Big shout out to Robert from Oklahoma for his awesome deer skull engravings!

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Huge 10 from Westchester this past season. ...

Jeremiah Johnson with his 2013 archery 10-point from Westchester County

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