The Janes Buck – 154" Whitetail

Twenty-two year old Chris Janes hasn’t been hunting for many years, but is having a great season so far. On November 3rd, just after first light, Janes had a doe coming straight to his stand. As he looked further behind her Janes noticed a big buck trailing behind. Janes slowly and carefully positioned himself as the doe stopped about within 20 yards of his stand.

As the buck came up behind her, Janes realized he was about to see nature at its finest. Janes watched as the buck mounted the doe and hoped the genetics from the bruiser would be passed down to future whitetail generations. As the buck dismounted Janes drew his bow back and waited for the buck to take one last step.

With the pin settled on the buck, Janes let the arrow fly and dropped the buck in its tracks. The buck has 11 scorable points with an inside spread of 20 4/8 inches and a green score of 154 inches. Congrats to Janes on an awesome whitetail.

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