Octane 1 Piece 5-Arrow Quiver [PRODUCT REVIEW]

PROS: Quiet connect and disconnect with Teflon connections, self centering magnetic hood, easy to load/unload arrows, works with both mechanical and fixed broadheads, 6″ of vertical adjustment, 30 degree mounting adjustability, optional foam insert with corrosion inhibitor

CONS: The overall weight of the quiver with the magnetic hood could be an issue for some.

MSRP: $129.99

My fascination with archery equipment always has me searching for the next best thing. I am constantly searching for the best equipment and only want the best with me in the woods because equipment failure is never an option. I work way to hard to get a chance at an animal only to have a poorly made piece of equipment fail and cost me the shot.

I’ve been through five quivers since the beginning of deer season last fall and I’ve finally found one that is functional, quiet and easy to use with both fixed blades and mechanicals – I’m talking about the Octane 1-piece 5-arrow quiver.

The Octane quiver mounts to your bow sight with two small allen screws. The top hole of the quiver mount is fixed, but the bottom mounting hole is a curved slot that provides you with 30 degrees of adjustability. This allows you to offset the mounting bracket so your arrows don’t stick out past the bottom limb of the bow. If that’s not enough to get you clearance, quiver spine allows for six inches of vertical adjustment providing you with additional clearance. Simply move the red mounting hardware up or down to adjust the height.

To mount the quiver to the bow you need to hold the quiver at a 90 degree angle to match up the red “H” shaped top male mount to the female top mount of the quiver bracket. Insert the quiver mount into the bracket and turn the quiver 90 degrees clockwise until the quiver hits the rubber stop. Then tighten the red knob on the quiver to secure it to the bow. This locks the quiver in place and is a quick and silent operation.

With the Octane 1-piece 5-arrow quiver you have a two choices when it comes to quiver hood inserts: a foam insert or a molded rubber insert with five magnets. My personal preference is the molded rubber insert with the magnets because it ensures that the broadheads are always secure in the quiver and the blades never touch anything to get dull. The magnets work great with both fixed and mechanical heads and they prevent mechanical heads from opening in the quiver. Another benefit of the magnets is even in low light conditions you can easily get your broadheads put away safely instead of trying to figure out if the blades are lined up with the cut outs in the foam. I hunt whitetails with fixed blades and turkeys with mechanicals so it’s nice to have one quiver that I can use all year long no matter what I’m hunting.

There is a single arrow gripper at the bottom of the quiver which makes it super easy to remove arrows from the quiver or put your arrows back into the quiver. The arrow gripper is able to accept both carbon and aluminum arrows and is one of the quietest grippers I’ve ever used.

As far as downsides are concerned with this quiver, the only thing I’d mention is that the quiver is on the heavier side when the molded rubber insert with magnets is used. Personally, it’s a non-issue for me, but for those who want a super light quiver, this one is on the heavier side.

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