Shooting the PSE X-Force Omen Pro at the ATA Show

FPS (IBO) 366
Axle-to-Axle 33 5/8″
Mass Weight 4.35 lbs.
Brace Height 5 1/2″
Draw Lengths 26″ – 30″
Draw Weight 50-70#
Cam UF Cam
Let-Off 70%


It’s PSE’s fastest bow and at 366 feet per second it’s all about speed. For those that want to push a bows limits and have the flattest shooting arrow – this is a bow you want to check out.

The PSE Omen Pro has a 33 5/8″ axle-to-axle length to help keep the bow stable when shooting longer distances. On the other hand, the speed comes at a cost – a 5 1/2″ brace height. I personally prefer a 7″ brace height so I’m worried about what a 5 1/2″ brace height would do to accuracy at longer ranges, but I know this wouldn’t be a forgiving bow. Proper form would be an absolute must at all times – something you can’t always achieve in a hunting situation.

PSE used its new Planar Flex Riser on the Omen Pro as well as Centerlock Pockets to form a solid system with minimum vibration. For a speed bow, the Omen shot with minimal shock which was surprising.

If PSE could make a bow this fast with a longer brace height so that the bow was more forgiving I’d consider it for hunting. A flatter shooting bow is really nice when you don’t have time to range an animal and the best you can do is estimate the yardage.

The PSE Omen Pro is shown above with the optional PSE X-5 Quiver that retails for $99.99. This quiver is made by TreeLimb and is a high quality quiver that’s silent when it mounts to the bow because it has no moving parts.

Here’s a close up of the Backstop string stopper on another PSE. Notice how the Backstop comes out of it’s main tube on this PSE that has a longer brace height. On the PSE Omen the rubber end of the string stopper is right at the base of the main string stopper tube. It’s that little amount of difference that can really change the forgiveness of a bow and you only really see the true benefit of a bows forgiveness when you’re shooting your worst and that’s something a lot of people forget.

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2 comments on “Shooting the PSE X-Force Omen Pro at the ATA Show
  1. this bow is not a toy, its a hunters perfect weapon. this bow sets a very high standard in hunting must respect a bow of this high playing games with this bow in your hands.don’t try to fool yourself this is the real thing a true killing weapon; at its finest form pete you out did yourself thank you i love mine its truly the best of the best period.hands down.bowmaniacmike pse for ever.

  2. bowmaniacmike Ive been trying many different arrows. I found they all are flat shooting speed depends on arrow weight 300 Bowmadness xweave pse arrows are what i chose. They cut down speed but increased kinetic energy victory 300 v force Hv 100gr tips Rages wt 340gr 70lb 383fps the 300 pses 300 338.9 fps I know the spine calls for 68lb draw weight. at 75lb draw wt 385gr arrow wt speed 402.2fps omen pro

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