Rinehart 18-1 Target [PRODUCT REVIEW]

PROS: Durable self-healing foam, can shoot field points, expandables and braodheads into this target, shoot out all 18 sides in one year and get a new target from the manufacturer, bright target face, easy to transport, easy arrow removal, longest lasting target I’ve ever owned, both small and large rings for shooting from various distances, angled faces for shooting from an elevated position, rope handle can be used to hang target from tree, can tie line on handle and float target in water.

CONS: Too small for sighting in bow (the new Rhinoblock or Rhinobrute would work well).

MSRP: $109.99

As archer’s we all have to spend money on some sort of target so we can practice. I’ve owned several different brands of targets and was always disappointed when I would destroy them after a few weeks of practicing.
Because I was destroying these targets so fast I figured I might as well stick to the cheap ones since they all seemed to get shot out just as quick. It wasn’t until I went to my first 3D shoot and shot an arrow into a Rinehart target that I learned what a quality target was like.
John Rinehart developed his specialty foam back in 1997 and it changed the way targets were built. This self healing foam is super strong and durable and when you pull an arrow out of the target, not only is it easy, but the hole just disappears.
I’ve been shooting the same 18-1 target for over a year now and have literally put thousands of arrows through it. Although I mainly shoot field points throughout the year, I do put some expandables and fixed blade broadheads through this target just before hunting season each year. Shooting just field points into this target will make it last forever. If you start shooting expandables and broadheads they’ll do a bit more damage, as expected, and pull some chunks of foam out of the target which will shorten its life. If you only shoot broadheads expect the life of this target to decrease.
What I really like about this target is its size. At 15″ high and 15″ wide, this target is easy to throw in the truck and take along on a hunting trip so you can practice in the field. With 18 target faces to choose from the life of this target is extended. You can also climb up in your treestand and shoot one of the angled target faces made specifically for shooting from an elevated platform. 
For close range shots, 30 yards or less, I like to shoot at the smaller 4″ rings to keep it challenging. As I move back into the 40, 50 and 60 yard range I simply turn the target to one of the larger 6″ rings to give myself a larger target that’s easier to see.
I am so impressed by this target and everyone who has joined me for a practice session is amazed at how well this target stops arrows and how easy it is to pull the arrows from the target. I’ve even got a few of my friends buying Rinehart targets after shooting mine.
One thing I can tell you is that after purchasing a Rinehart target it will hard to ever go back to something else. This is a target I highly recommend and one you won’t regret purchasing.
If you think the 18-1 is too small for your shooting style then check out the Rhinoblock (16x16x13 with replaceable core) or Rhinobrute (16x16x16) which are larger block style targets. Rinehart also has a full line of 3D targets with everything from whitetail and bear to turkey and boar.
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