Turkey Vitals Diagram

I get a lot of questions about where to shoot a turkey with a bow. I prefer to take a shot of a broadside bird and aim right above the legs in the center of the wing. With a perfect shot you will take out both of the turkey’s legs and drop the bird in its tracks.
Here is where I like to place the shot:

Like deer hunting, it is important to wait for the perfect shot with a turkey. This is especially true since the target is so small. A smaller target decreases your odds of a deadly hit, so wait for the bird to turn broadside and squeeze off that trigger. Once you let that arrow fly you can go get your longbeard!

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These axes are not evil. Do you know about the three axes of a bow sight? Do you know how to level them? Check it out.....http://www.lancasterarchery.com/blog/the-three-axes-of-a-bow-sight/

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Sam Wallace arrowed this 13-point in Steuben County at 20 yards on 10/24/2015. He had 3 years of trail cam pics of him

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James Vetter ( right ) arrowed this monster 11-point in Cattaraugus County on 10/27/2015 #AEOutdoors

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Jacob Desmarais arrowed this buck on 10-27-2015 in the 847 acre Stid Hill Wildlife Management area... Ontario County

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DEC today announced that remaining Deer Management Permits (DMPs) in several Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) will be available to hunters beginning November 1. More info on how to apply: on.ny.gov/1LYIlyf

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