Suffolk County 8 Pointer


It sounds like Suffolk County was on fire with rut activity the morning of November 9th. Rosco was standing with arrow knocked from sunrise until 7:45am when a big 8-pointer came through fighting another buck. Roscoe shot this bruiser right in front of him, congrats on another great whitetail!

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Eric’s First Deer with a Bow


Eric sent in this photo of his very first deer taken with his bow! A big congratulations goes out to Eric on his first successful archery hunt!

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Laurie’s First Archery Deer


Laurie from Roxbury, New York just learned to shoot a bow last year. She logged a lot of hours in the stand and didn’t harvest anything last season, but that didn’t stop her. On October 3rd at dusk Laurie had a beautiful doe came out at 20 yards. Laurie made a perfect double lung shot and doe dropped within 75 yards. Laurie says she’s going for a buck next! Congrats to Laurie on her first deer!

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An Opening Day Double


Nick sent in this duo of bucks he took on opening day of the 2014 Connecticut archery season (September 15th). Nick was hunting the morning  hoping to fill a tag and saw 3 deer, but no shooters. After a fairly quiet morning, Nick returned to the stand at 4:00 pm. Around 6:00 pm Nick watched as an 8-pointer in velvet worked his way in. Nick settled the pin and let the arrow fly and the buck went down in sight. With an hour left of shooting light Nick decided to stay on stand. About an hour later another 8-pointer started working his way in and offered Nick a shot. Nick let an arrow fly and had successfully tagged out on opening day.

Congrats to Nick on an awesome opening day hunt! If you’ve got photos from a hunt to share email us at

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New York’s First Early Black Bear Season a Success

A flourishing black bear population and a newly established early season gives hunters additional opportunities to hunt black bear in New York.

The NYS DEC took a proactive approach to managing the State’s black bear population with the addition of an early black bear season in select WMUs for 2014. The early bear hunting season started on September 6th in portions of Southeastern New York and September 13th in Northern New York

Some of the highlights to the new plan include:

  • A new early firearms bear season from September 6-21 in WMUs 3A, 3C, 3H, 3J, 3K, 3M, 3P, 3R, 4P, and 4R. Any hunting implement, including crossbows, are legal for use during the early black bear season.
  • Expanded bear hunting in northern New York which now includes WMUs 6A, 6G, 6K and 6N. In these newly opened units, bear hunting begins with bowhunting equipment only from September 13 through October 17.

The downside with the early season bear hunting is the heat – opening day had temperatures in the mid to high 80s with high humidity. Bear hunters will have to skin their harvest as quickly as possible to cool the meat and prevent spoilage. Hunters might also want to skin and quarter the bear in the field and packing out the meat in game bags.

Here’s a video from one successful hunter during this years early black bear season:

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Crossbows Come to New York Fall 2014

Crossbow hunters take to the deer woods during the 2014-15 season in New York.

Well it finally happened…the NYS DEC adopted regulation changes making crossbows a legal implement for the fall 2014 hunting seasons.

So what does that mean for us? Well, if you’re hunting big game in Suffolk, Nassau, or Westchester counties you don’t have to worry about seeing crossbows in the woods because they’re not allowed in these counties – for now.

As far as licensing, crossbows will be treated as ‘muzzleloaders’ so hunters must have a muzzleloader hunting privilege to hunt with a crossbow.
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Putting together the Hitlist for the 2014 Bowhunting Season


Trail cams are running and big bucks are showing up. Time to put together the hit list for the upcoming archery season.

This year is shaping up to be a good one! Several good bucks have showed up on trail cam and hopefully I can catch up with one of these deer during the season – the Tall Tine 8 pointer (pictured above) would be an awesome encounter.

I’ve been setting cameras along travel routes and focusing on trails between bedding and feeding areas as well as pinch points such as creek crossings. So far the strategy has paid off and I’m catching the same deer on multiple cameras which has given me more insight on how they travel this property

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Pre-Season Preparations: Hanging Stands and Running Trail Cams


August is the perfect time to check your trail cameras and start picking out stand sites for the upcoming archery season.

I picked up a new property late last year and spent the majority of the early season learning the property – and the learning curve was steep. This year I had the advantage of the lessons learned from the previous hunting season, a winter of scouting, and running trail cams since the spring turkey season.

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Spring Turkey Season Opens May 1 in New York


Bowhunters take to the woods this spring after weary old gobblers in New York.

It’s my favorite time of year after deer season – the spring turkey season (probably because it’s the only other time I’m out hunting with my bow). Following suit of previous seasons, the 2014 spring turkey season opens May 1 in all of upstate New York lying north of the Bronx-Westchester County boundary and the annual youth turkey hunting weekend is April 26-27. The youth turkey hunt is open in all of upstate New York and Suffolk County.

Not nearly as popular as deer hunting, there only 100,000 turkey hunters expected to head afield this spring. Honestly I don’t know how anyone can’t get excited about calling to a bird and have it respond and watch it work its way in. It’s a very interactive hunt.

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NYSDEC Releases 2013 Black Bear and Deer Harvest Results


2013 was a good year for black bear hunters and deer hunters in New York.

2013 Deer Harvest

Deer hunters had a pretty good year again in New York with approximately 243,550 deer taken during the 2013-14 hunting seasons, nearly equivalent to the 2012-13 hunting season.

This was the second year for New York’s Youth Deer Hunt, held over Columbus Day Weekend. During the Youth Deer Hunt, 14 and 15-year-old junior hunters could take one deer, antlered or antlerless, with a firearm when properly accompanied by a licensed and experienced adult mentor. An estimated 8,860 junior hunters participated in the Youth Deer Hunt, resulting in 1,275 deer taken (728 adult bucks and 547 antler less deer). This is an excellent program that the state offers and I encourage everyone to take a junior hunter out if they have the opportunity. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

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Selling my 2013 Elite Hunter 29" draw 70lb limbs. Hunted with for 2 seasons and in great shape. Includes extra set of string/cables. Asking $495. PM me if you're interested ... shared Sitka Gear's album. ...

We're out to change an industry and change the way you hunt. With more than 50 new pieces, 15 new textile developments, and a new pattern, we've got all our chips on the table. Here's a glimpse at the 2015 Whitetail Line.

Looks like it's official, archery open until 1/31 in Suffolk County:

The changes to the Suffolk County deer hunting seasons and permit requirements are summarized as follows:

• Extends the regular (bowhunting) season for deer in Suffolk County through January 31;
• Expands the special firearms season for deer in Suffolk County to run from the first Sunday in January (January 4) through January 31 including weekends. The 2015 firearms deer season in Suffolk County will begin Sunday, January 4 and continue until January 31;
• Clarifies the Town permit requirements, landowner permission requirements and legal implements for the special firearms season. The adopted regulations also include a provision waiving the Town Permit requirement in any town which by local law has waived the town permit requirement. However, this aspect will not take effect before next season (January 2016);
• Increases permit quotas for each town to reflect current deer management needs and allow for additional access opportunities on state land.

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